If you have a chance to travel to Vietnam, don’t forget to come and explore Ly Son Island – a new emerging heaven for both local and foreign tourists. Located on the coast of Quang Ngai Province, Ly Son can be an ideal spot for anyone with the fresh and cheap seafood, beautiful mountains, spirituality temples, breathtaking landscapes and blue crystal beach. Some information below can be useful for you when traveling Ly Son

The blue sky and crystal clear water can attract every tourist


From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a flight to Chu Lai Airport at Quang Ngai Province, and then take bus or taxi to Sa Ky Port. It will take you around 150,000VND (US$5) from airport to Sa Ky port.

Ly Son includes 2 islands: Big and Small. However, tourists usually stay at Big Island. Boats depart daily from Sa Ky Port with the time respectively 07:30, 09:30, 13:30 and 15:30. The price is 95,000VND (US$4) for one ticket and often takes 1-1.5 hours to get to the island.

Note: In the peak season (during public holidays or summer holiday), the extra boat is added and there are frequent departures. However in the low season boats only depart when there are enough people.


Hotels at Ly Son Island have the reasonable price with the full facilities from hot water to television, air condition, and small fridge, etc. In which, the 2 big hotels directly in front of the pier are Huong Cang Hotel and Central Ly Son Hotel. The price fluctuates from 300,000 to 500,000VND (approximately US$ 15 – 20)

3.Best time to visit

The best time to visit Ly Son Island is in summer months (from June to September) when the temperature fluctuates between 31 to 35 degrees. The weather will be suitable for swimming and various sea activities. However, if you want to buy famous Ly Son garlic as souvenirs, then you should travel in the garlic season, which is from September to early December

4.Top spots to visit

Although the beaches with the crystal blue water can fascinate anyone, swimming is not the best choice for tourists because most of the beaches are rocky and lack of space as well atmosphere for wanting to linger. But don’t worry Ly Son Island still has a lot of worthy places for you exploring

– Thoi Loi Peak: This is the highest peak of Ly Son Island which used to be a volcano. From the top of the peak, tourists can see a panorama of this beautiful island, with blue sea and sky, green fields of garlic and majestic caves. Built in May 2013, the 20-meter high flagpole is also a place where people take photos to check-in.

Thoi Loi peak – the highest peak of Ly Son

– Cau Cave: located in the foothills of Thoi Loi Mountain, Cau Cave still remains the natural scenery with clear blue sea and the yellow sand. One side is the sea and another is the cliff. Cau Cave can make anyone speechless with its majestic beauty. Standing along the seaside, you can see many fish swimming or hidden among moss. This is also a location for camping

Cau Cave

– To Vo Gate is another highlight of Ly Son Island. From the harbor to welcoming gate of Ly Son, turning left and going along the way you will see To Vo Gate. The shape of stone here is very unique. The stone created a gap like a gate and that’s the reason why To Vo gate attract tourists to take a photo, especially in dawn and sunset

To Vo Gate – Another attraction in Ly Son

– Duc Temple and Quan Am White Statue: To get to this temple, you will have to take over 100 stairs along the mountainside. The outstanding we can see from the outside temple is its enormous white statue of Quan Am, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy with 27m in height. Tourists often come here to pray for good things for themselves and their family and friend.

Duc Temple and Quan Am Statue


Ly Son is famous for its cheap and fresh seafood. Besides, their main industry is fishing and growing garlic, shallots and onion so don’t be surprised if they use these ingredients for almost dishes. Specific types of seafood include lobster, sea urchin, squid, clams, etc. at a reasonable price.

Here you will have the chance to see the busy outdoor evening market. 2 restaurants with wooden tables and chairs, all fresh seafood on display and piled up in buckets. Tourists can choose any type you want, ask the price by weight and then watch the preparation directly. A hot pot with all fresh seafood will be a perfect choice for you.

Ly Son seafood